Stay connected with wireless Broadband anywhere.

Get broadband speeds with your Fujitsu notebook without cables or Wi-Fi hotspots.  AT&T offers broad U.S. wireless data coverage across the AT&T 3G BroadbandConnect Network nationwide. The AT&T network delivers high-speed Internet access covering more than 260 major US metropolitan areas.  Additionally, you can connect seamlessly to AT&T’s national high-speed EDGE network, covering over 13,000 cities and towns and reaching more than 250 million people… and growing. 

Unlike wireless LAN which requires Wi-Fi routers and local hotspots to access the Internet, AT&T BroadbandConnect provides wireless Internet access virtually anywhere. There is no need for an external card, an additional antenna, or accessories.  When you purchase a Fujitsu notebook with built-in AT&T wireless, all you need to do is install the SIM card that comes with the system, and use the on-board software to activate and connect.

Traveling internationally?  A Fujitsu notebook with integrated AT&T mobile wireless service allows you to take your office with you, and access business-critical information in more than 139 different countries with AT&T roaming partners.

An additional monthly service fee and a 2-year service agreement are required.

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