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Server Security

Architected for Performance and Protection

Fujitsu industry-standard servers cover your needs from small- and medium-sized businesses to corporate data centers. Using our vast mainframe experience, we carefully design and build our servers to provide multiple levels of protection from intrusion.

  • In Fujitsu high-end servers, an integrated management processor continuously monitors internal hardware to maintain uptime. To increase security, the processor connects to internal components via redundant private LANs, and to a remote management console via a secure (SSL), browser-based dedicated connection.
  • All communications between the management processors and the management browser can be protected with 128-bit encryption. Access to the management processors can also be restricted via IP filtering at four account levels — administrator, operator, user, and service person--and all accesses can be logged.
  • Agent software installed on each partition monitors hardware configurations and partition status.
  • Independent, electrically isolated partitions allow security settings to be individually set. If unused web server functions are not required, HTTP ports can be disabled, closing potential security holes.

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